Tradesman Liability

Cover Faqs

Learn more about our Tradesman Insurance Policy at our Frequently Asked Questions and Key Facts page

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Builders and Tradesman Liability Insurance On-Line

  •   Tradesman Public Liability Insurance.
  •    An option to include Employer's Liability, for up to six employees
  •   Your quote is automatically guaranteed for 30 days
  •   No unnecessary paperwork
  •   Purchase on-line with immediate document delivery to your email in-box
  •   Placed with Tokio Marine, an an AM Best "AA" Rated Insurer

Simple Qualification Criteria

If you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

  1. no insurer has ever declined to insure you, or refuse to renew or terminate your Employers, Public or Products Liability insurance.
  2. you or your directors or partners have never been convicted of or charged with (but not yet tried for) a criminal offence, other than a motoring offence, except as provided for under the Criminal Justice (Spent Convictions and Certain Disclosures) Act 2016.
  3. you or your directors or partners have never been owners, principals or partners of any other firm involved in this or a similar business which has been declared bankrupt.
  4. You have not suffered any losses or made any claims, in the past 3 years for any of the liabilities to which this Insurance applies and you are not now aware of any incidents that could give rise to a claim under this insurance

  5. the total amount paid to Bona-Fide Sub Contractors does not exceed €150,000 or 25% of your annual turnover whichever is the lesser, unless you have specifically advised us to the contrary.
  6. Where your insurance includes either Employers Liability or Public Liability Only (Section 1 or 2) your payments to Labour Only Sub Contractors will be insured up to a max of €7,500 per year, unless you have specifically advised us otherwise
  7. any hot work you undertake, is carried out in accordance with the condition set out under Burning Welding and Cutting conditions applicable to Sections 1A and B of the policy.

* See our FAQ's and Key Facts page for more details.

Then you qualify!

Even if you don't meet all of these requirements, we may still be able to help! Phone us today on: 01-2948669 to discuss your individual circumstances.

Tips on Getting Your Quote

At Cover365, we offer cover on over 100 Builders and Allied Trades and other Occupations!
If your business involves more than one trade or occupation we can still help. Just select your principle occupation, from the drop-down list above, and add any other business you are involved in.

If you need Employer's Liability cover, just advise the number of employees (including Working Directors if a Limited Company), involved in the business. We can quote for up to six employees automatically for most occupation. Although we don't ask you for a declaration of wages, it is important to remember if the number your employees increases during the insured year, you must advise us, and pay the appropriate additional premium. If you have more than six employees just contact our office on 01-2948669 - we are sure to be able to help!

Where the Insured/Proposer is a Limited Company, and Section A (Employer's Liability) of the Policy is Applicable, cover extends to include one Non-Manual Working Director performing clerical & administrative In office duties only, in addition to the number of employees disclosed above. All other Employees & Directors must be included within the declaration of employee (Manual or Non-Manual) at inception of Policy cover

Cover365 policies for Builders and Allied Trades provide an €13,000,000 Limit of Indemnity for Employees Liability Insurance, where required. You can select a limit of either €2,600,000 or €6,500,000 any one claim for Public/Products Liability Insurance. For most clients the lower limit, should suffice. However if you are involved in any Local Authority work or are contemplating tendering for such jobs, you will most likely be required to carry the higher limit. We are always glad to assist if you need any advice in this regard. Just call us on 01-2948669

At the moment we only quote "Cover365" Tradesman's Insurance for clients resident in the Republic of Ireland, hence the need to answer this question.Otherwise it has no bearing on your premium.